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Control multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse – Synergy

Recently I’ve stumbled upon very handy utility called Synergy . If you have multiple computers running Windows, Linux or OS X on your desk, you probably have 3 sets of keyboards and mouses bumpin’ on each other . This utility will allow you to use one keyboard and mouse and to go from one screen to another without any problems, and very smoothly, btw.

It took me a while to figure out how to configure it. I still did not do it on linux, but I guess config is the same on Linux and OS X.

In my case I have Windows 7 x64 Enterprise , on the far left, Mac Pro in the middle, and iMac on the far right. Using Mac’s keyboard is not working properly, but windows keyboard and mouse can work on any machine.

Application is setup on a client server basis. Download Synergy for Windows and OS X from this link . Install on Windows machine. We’ll make Windows the server, since Windows version has GUI already installed. Install and start Syergy. You’ll have the following screen;

First go to EDIT -> Settings, and enter your computer’s name and ip address .

After that click on Configure server button. You will be presented with the configuration screen. In the upper right corner, there’s a icon of a monitor. Drag it and place on the right of your machine. It’s obvious that you can place them anyway you want to suite your desk configuration, but for presentation purposes we’ll do it like this.

Double click the monitor to open configuration window . Configure them according to desk configuration . Make sure that under Alias field, if you have a domain running, you put FQDN . Also , OS X computers sometimes add .local on names so make sure you add MYMACHINE.local to alias field . First configure far left machine.

Then configure the machine in the middle .

And finally, configure your far right machine .

Now when the configuration is done, go to Edit -> Services and install Synergy as Windows Service .









After everything is set, click on Start, and let’s move on to OS X machines .




On OS X there is no out of the box GUI, so if you are not willing to handle large scripts, I suggest the following, download synergy and unzip it to /Downloads folder.

Fire up terminal window and type :
[sourcecode lang=”bash”]
cd /Downloads

cd synergy-1.4.2-MacOSX106-Universal

sudo cp synergy* /usr/bin

When prompted enter password

cd /usr/bin

sudo chown root synergy*

sudo chmod 777 synergy*[/sourcecode]

Now Downoad QSynergy GUI for synergy. It’ll work on Linux also , since it’s made with Qt . You can find it here . Drag the application to your Applications folder and run it. Enter the IP address of the Windows machine and click on start.

Repeat the same procedure on the third OSX machine and you are done . Move the mouse left and right to see how it crosses monitor border .

There are still bugs, specially with hybryd configurations like with Linux and OS X , but it’s been worked on. Great tool with a lot of potential.