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Archive for September, 2011

New PIL course "Windows Multipoint Server 2010 Administration"

New course targeting elementary school and high school teachers, under Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Program, realized as a join effort of Microsoft Serbia and Faculty of Electronic Engineering is about to begin . Please follow the information on our home page .

Course will explain simple administrative tasks on Windows Multipoint Server and give insight to various installation procedures .

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UnityDEV Web Server Pro aka. IIS replacement

Welcome to UltiDev Web Server Pro (Beta)!

UltiDev Web Server Pro (UWS), also known as UltiDev Cassini Pro, is an an advanced, redistributable web server for Windows that can be use as a regular web server to host web sites and ASP.NET applications, or packaged with your ASP.NET web application and installed on your customers’ systems along with your web app or site, free of charge. Unlike Cassini or WebDev web servers, UWS is not a toy – UWS is a real deal.

If you have been using UltiDev Cassini, Miscrosoft Cassini, Microsoft WebDev, IIS Express or even IIS, it’s time to make your life a whole lot easier and get UltiDev Web Server Pro.


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