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Archive for September, 2009

Adding new DNS records on Linux

File is /etc/resolv.conf  , or on some distros /etc/resolve.conf

Add DNS records with:

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Downgrade CoovaAP firmware to WRT54GL stock

Follow this procedure:

Set static IP on your machine (

Connect via ethernet from your machine to LAN port of router and not the WAN port

from the cmd prompt either windows or linux enter this command in: tftp -i PUT WRT54GL4.bin

but don’t hit enter yet

I called the firmware “WRT54GL4.bin” because it was easier to type, you can rename the firmware to anything you desire.

Unplug the router and then get ready to hit enter and start the command above right at the exact second you plug it in.

Then wait for it to flash, leave it alone for a few minutes.

The trick is to tftp the firmware right when you plug in the router. There’s a short window there to upload a new firmware.

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