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Archive for February, 2009

>VMTools na Ubuntu 8.04

>For ubuntu, you will need to extract the tar.gz by first copying it to your home directory then running

tar xzvf filename.tar.gz
cd directoryname
sudo ./vmware-tools-config

I think it’s called vmware-tools-config but it might be something else, you should be able to find it though.

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>Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 na Mac OS X


Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 and Mac OS X Leopard

January 8th, 2009

Finally i got it working using Sonix SN9C202 driver.
All you need to do is:

It should work with QuickTime and Skype for example. If you want to use it with iChat you’ll have to buy iUSBCam.

Sonix driver should work with these webcams (combinations of bridge+sensor):

SN9C201+MI0360 WebCam
SN9C202+MI0360 WebCam
SN9C201+HV7131R WebCam
Dino-Lite Plus
SN9C202+HV7131R WebCam
SN9C201+OV7660 WebCam
SN9C202+OV7660 WebCam
SN9C201+MI1300 WebCam
SN9C202+MI1300 WebCam
SN9C201+MI1310 WebCam
SN9C202+MI1310 WebCam
SN9C201+MI1320 WebCam
SN9C202+MI1320 WebCam
SN9C201+OV9650 WebCam (this one is used in Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000)
SN9C202+OV9650 WebCam
SN9C201+OV9655 WebCam
SN9C202+OV9655 WebCam
SN9C201+SOI968 WebCam
SN9C202+SOI968 WebCam
SN9C201+CX1332 WebCam
SN9C201+SK53BEB WebCam
SN9C202+SK53BEB WebCam
SN9C202+ICM107B WebCam

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>Ovde sam nasao uputstvo :

i dodao u /etc/opt/csw/postfix/

pa rebootovao

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>Dodavanje DNS BlackListe na Exchange

>Put in your install CD on the server. Open the Exchange Management Shell and go to the Scripts directory on the CD. Run the install-AntispamAgents.ps1 file like a UNIX command.


This will enable the built-in Antispam filters of Exchange 2007 on the Hub Transport with default settings.

If your not going to use 3rd party I would also recommend using a external DNSBL “Blacklist DNS” like Spamhaus.

For Spamhaus just open the Exchange Management Console and go to Organization Configuration -> Anti-spam.

Open the Properties for IP Block List Providers and go to the Providers tab and add

Note that Exchange’s built-in filters are pretty weak from all I’ve read; talking only ~70% catch rate. Adding a DNSBL will add about ~10% which still works out pretty low compared to 3rd party.

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