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How to Fix Cydia Crashing on iPhone & iPod Touch(cydia unable to load)

>1. Connect to iPhoneBrowser your iPhone and iPod Touch

2. Now go to /private/var/lib/apt/lists

3. Delete all the files in /root/private/var/lib/apt/lists/ except for the partial subfolder.

Do not delete Partial folder

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Cracking PSP-a (It's a SONY)

Ok so someone has figured it out. Here is what you have to do to get your PSP 3000 up and running with .iso and .cso support as well as homebrew. Most of this I did on my own but at the bottom where I used some help I gave credit where credit is due. First the List. :thanks:
Have A PSP 3000 with 5.03 OFW
5.03 OFW Download
Download ChickHEN R2
Download 5.03GEN-a Custom Firmware

PSP 3000 5.03GEN-a TutorialOnce you have all 3 of these items lets get you into 5.03 OFW. Open the file that you downloaded for 5.03 OFW and it will come with a .exe file. Double click and it will prompt you to connect your psp through the usb cable. *Connect the psp* Do so and hit the install option. Once it’s done placing files, go to the game tab, then memstick to find and run the 5.03 firmware update. Let it do its thing and in not time you will be updated to 5.03 OFW.Now that we have taken care of that lets get started with the ChickenHen. The ChickenHen should come with an autoinstaller. All you have to do is have your PSP 3000 hooked up through the USB cable. Click on the ChickHEN Installer and it will add 5 picture files to your PSP.

Now lets get your PSP into ChickenHEN Mode. Go to your Picture app on the main screen of your PSP and click on it, whether with X or O and it will bring up a sub-folder that will say ChickenHEN.

Now here comes when the timing has to be just right. For me its when the words just start to pop up from the pictures. All you have to do is open the folder and get the timing right (Which may take 3 to 5 times to get it just right.)Click the folder and scroll all the way down to the bottom picture and hold the down button on the D-pad until it either does a screen crash (which is good) or it freezes and you have to wait for the PSP to boot back up on its own. Once you get the screen crash the psp will auto reset into chickenHEN R2 mode. Anyways after that painful but fulfilling process now your in ChickenHEN R2 mode. Check your system settings and it wont lie to you.
Now lets talk about once your in ChickHEN how to update to 5.03GEN-a for your PSP 3000.

01. Connect your PSP to the computer in USB Mode when you have loaded ChickHEN R2.
02. Unzip on your desktop.
03. double-click on LAUNCH-ME.exe (While still on your PC)

04. PSP Model : choose option PSP-3000 (also works for the 2000)
05. Mode : Choose option FULL
06. PSP Install : Choose option YES
07. Type in the Drive letter that the PSP is on (example for mine its the J: drive)
08. Now click on START.09. The files are copied on your PSP.
10. Disconnect the PSP from USB.
11. Launch the main Game Icon on your Sony PSP’s main menu while in ChickHEN R2 firmware, and click on the Update Installer (only ChickHEN R2! NOT ChickenHEN R1!).
12. When the app load, press L trigger or R trigger to flash the firmware in your flash. Once done completely it will say done with success.
13. Press O to reboot in the custom firmware.
14. Now go to system settings again and there you go, proud new owner of a hacked PSP 3000.

NOTES:- When you installed the custom firmware in your flash you can remove the “files” folder in the MS ROOT.For your own safety, is better that you rename or erase the prx called “flasher.prx” in the MAIN APP folder toavoid wrong flash times.- If you shutdown the machine or the psp crash, you will need to use ChickHEN R2 again to load the main app and 5.03 CFW Update installer and press O to reboot in the custom firmware, but if you dont shutdown the machine you are in the custom firmware forever,so just remember to put the system in suspend mode so you dont have to do this again.-
IMPORTANT Dont forget also like I did the first time that once you get your CFW on the PSP you have to bring up the vsh menu and switch the driver to M33 driver, or none of your .iso or .cso will work. While in this process remember to never mess with the flash files unless you know what your doing, because if you brick a psp 3000; the pandora battery will not save you. Even if you are using something simple that you have been using forever in your psp 2000 slim. Just worry about the .iso support as of now. One last thing…their has been bug reports on the game Rock Band Unplugged. Apparently it has some antihacking mechanics that will delete your game folder so that you cant see the .iso games on your psp anymore. Quick fix just add a blank .txt file to the GAME folder if you plan on playing this game.IMPORTANT
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